Kalisan is now in the UK and Ireland, officially

Thanks to our customers, Kalisan has been extremely popular in the UK. We have been asked many times when our products would be stocked in the UK. We are so happy to announce that we are now officially available in the UK and Ireland. Balloonworld Northwest Greetings Boshballoons Wholesale Triproducts Click4Balloons (Soon available) And another […]

Mini Stars Birthday Decoration Idea!

Use mini stars to create a big decoration! Easy to make decorative idea is here now with our star banners and 5″ balloons. DIY-friendly, nothing external needed! You can find everything you need in our site! The yarn is included in the banners package and balloons can be attached to a wall or any surface […]

Christmas Tree with Modelling Balloons

Do you want to stand out this christmas? Make your christmas tree with our stylish modelling balloons! Be Different A huge tradition has been celebrated the same way for decades. Why not change it and spice it up!? Modelling balloons will create a very unique look thanks to having three different textures. Chrome, macaron and […]

Modelling Stars

Are you ready to take your decorations to the next level? Like the stars in the sky, modelling stars will make your decorations shine even brighter! They are very easy to do yet very rewarding when done correctly. You will only need around a minute to craft them. Instructions We will be using modelling balloons […]

Rainbow Modelling Kits!

Would you like to sophisticate your birthday celebration or any celebration for that matter by the help of beautiful colors? The most natural source of color in our world is a rainbow and we are here to color your world with your own rainbow! Three Different Options We have prepared three different type of rainbow […]

Kalisan is now available in the UK and Ireland.
Warning to our UK customers: All items shipped to UK, Ireland will have customs duties.