Rainbow Modelling Kits!

Would you like to sophisticate your birthday celebration or any celebration for that matter by the help of beautiful colors? The most natural source of color in our world is a rainbow and we are here to color your world with your own rainbow!

Three Different Options

We have prepared three different type of rainbow color arrangements in order for you to have more choices. You can choose between;

Easy to Make! (Video Tutorial)

Start by inflating the assorted mirror modelling balloons according to your own choice of colors. Be careful about starting with fully inflated balloons as you will need to work your way down to smaller ones in order to create the bend effect that makes a rainbow. You can then start attaching the balloons in your desired order with double-sided tape. For the cloudy effects, you can use silver modelling balloons as included in the kit, in order to create that cloudy look, you will need to twist the modelling balloons(do not be afraid it is what they are made for). After attaching your “clouds” to the both ends of the rainbow, you can start decorating the surrounding with 5″ latex balloons for a more complete look. Here is the video that you can watch in order have a better understanding of the decoration and its preparation.

Tutorial video of Rainbow Modelling Kit decoration.

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