Mini Stars Birthday Decoration Idea!

Use mini stars to create a big decoration! Easy to make decorative idea is here now with our star banners and 5″ balloons.

DIY-friendly, nothing external needed!

You can find everything you need in our site! The yarn is included in the banners package and balloons can be attached to a wall or any surface you like with the help of double sided tape for balloons. You can ready this decoration in minutes thanks to its easy to use materials. You will also have plenty of material since mini stars come with 24 pcs. in each package.


You will only need to thread the yarn from the back to the front of the banners and arrange them with as close to even gaps as possible. Then hang them from both sides in line if possible, for the best look. After you hanged the banners, inflate 5″ balloons and ornament the surroundings of the banners.

Close up look!

Here is a close up video of an exemplary decoration!

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