Christmas Tree with Modelling Balloons

Do you want to stand out this christmas? Make your christmas tree with our stylish modelling balloons!

Be Different

A huge tradition has been celebrated the same way for decades. Why not change it and spice it up!? Modelling balloons will create a very unique look thanks to having three different textures. Chrome, macaron and standard modelling balloons arranged like a christmas tree with the right colors will shine bright and it will also be very easy to dispose.


Fully inflate the modelling balloons. Twist the modelling balloons from the middle and attach it to the balloon stand in the middle. You can twist from different spots to create uneven length branches, just like the real trees. After you attach enough balloons with double sided tape for balloons, you can use an uninflated modelling balloon to tie up all the balloons to a stand if you wish to make the attachment firmer.

Tutorial video

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