How to make a Confetti Balloon?

We offer not only clear transparent balloons, but also offer different colored transparent balloons and over 20 different different confetti to beatify your decoration.

Contrary to general opinion, it’s very easy to make a confetti balloon. Here is how we do it?

Some notes and tips on how to make a conffetti balloon:

  • You need to put the confetti inside the balloon by a funnel. Put as much as confetti as you want to inside the balloon. You can use a pen to ease this process as showed on the video.
  • After inflating the balloon with the pump, tie the balloon and start rubbing the surface of the balloon gently for a few minutes. It will create a static surface and confetti will stick to the inner wall of the balloon.
  • Never inflate the confetti balloon with your mouth!

Check out our product pages to find out our transparent balloons and confettis:

You can create endless combinations with our products!

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