Gold Unicorn Printed Latex Balloon

  • Gold Unicorn Printed Latex Balloons are available in 2 colors; white and pink with gold printing.
  • 25ct bags
  • %100 natural latex. %100 biodegradable. Premium quality, complies with European Union’s health regulations (EN71-1/2/3/12).
  • Printed on 12″ latex balloons weighing 3,2-3,3 grams.
  • Assortment may not be even. (We try our best though)

Our balloons have one of the best helium performance. Without hi-float, they will fly for almost 24 hours at sea level. With hi-float, they will fly over 22 days! If you are not using hi-float, we recommend you to fill the balloons with helium as close to the event as possible. Balloons float better at sea level than altitude and extreme heat or cold can affect the balloons’ ability to float.

You can purchase Kalisan Balloons from our partners around the globe. Please check our distributors and wholesalers list.